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Bài tập Word Form luyện thi vào lớp 10

Word form 1

1. The ao dai is the _____ dress of Vietnamese women. (TRADITION)

2. Tet holiday is the most important _____ for Vietnamese people. (CELEBRATE)

3. We have to be _____ when riding our bikes on the streets. (CARE)

4. The old man walked _____ to the park. (SLOW)

5. The author’s _____ is communicated through his song. (HAPPY)

6. We find Huong very _____. (COMMUNICATE)

7. They went to see most of the __________places. (INTEREST)

8. His sudden _____ must be a shock to her and her family. (DIE)

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9. The other _____ admired him. (COMPLETE)

10. We can only get their by plane. There is no _____. (CHOOSE)

Word form 2

1. Sony is a big firm which is _____ in Vietnamese’s market. (COMPETE)

2. Doctors and _____ have reported on how we are all affected by the noise around us. (SCIENCE)

3. The _____ between Viet Nam and China is recovered. (FRIEND)

4. The boss refused to meet the Union’s _____. (DELEGATE)

5. Many _____ activities will be held tomorrow. (CULTURE)

6. She _____ with me for an hour about the future job yesterday. (REASON)

7. The _____ of the moon for the earth causes the tides. (ATTRACT)

8. Our team played _____. We lost. (SUCCESS)

9. It is said that Hue is a _____ city. (PEACE)

10. He came first in the _____. (COMPETE)

Word form 3

1. Good _____were the keys to the success of the 23th Sea Games. (PREPARE )

2. We are _____ interested in AIDS. (ESPECIAL)

3. Women have to keep their _____. (GENTLE)

4. We all have our _____. (WEAK)

5. His _____ makes him jobless. (SHY)

6. Your answer is _____ right. (EXACT)

7. Everyone admires her _____ to help the poor. (READY)

8. Dick becomes _____ because of his laziness. (JOB)

9. I put my book near the desk for _____. (CONVENIENT)

10. She has one of the biggest stamp _____ in Britain. (COLLECT)

Word form 4

1. The gas from the chemical factory was extremely _____. (HARM)

2. D. E. Huges was the _____ of microphone. (INVENT)

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3. There are a lot of _____festivals in VietNam. (TRADITION)

4. They work hard in order to _____ good crops from poor soil. (PRODUCT)

5. I hope there won,t be too much _____ in getting a work permission. (DIFFICULT)

6. The children are more _____ in cartoon. (INTERST)

7. Many tourists have been attracted by the _____ of Halong Bay. (BEAUTIFUL)

8. Designers have _____ the Ao Dai for ages. (MODERN)

9. She disvorced him because of his _____ to the children. (KIND)

10. They love Thanh Lam because of her _____ voice. (BEAUTY)

Word form 5

1. His _____ made him jump out of his seat. (EXCITE)

2. I like him because he always talks to his parents _____. (POLITE)

3. Many _____ choose to go to this part of the seaside. (SWIM

4. Those boys and girls were _____ by the performance of the clown. (FASCINATE)

5. Money can’t buy _____.(HAPPY)

6. Islam is one of the great world _____. (RELIGIOUS)

7. He learns very well and his parents are very _____ of him. (PRIDE)

8. They hate being _____ on their parents. (DEPEND)

9. If you want to attend the course, you must pass the _____ examination. (WRITE)

10. The weather was fine yesterday. It was _____ and sunny. (CLOUD)


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